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We have one steer that will be ready for your freezer around November 2023, and several that will be available in spring/summer 2024. To reserve yours, give us a call at 405.481.4048 or send us an email at


We select our animals with great beef in mind. Our cattle are raised in a low stress environment on high quality pasture. They are finished on high quality feed to create mouth watering steaks, burgers, and roasts. We are passionate about great beef, and we want to serve customers who are as well. 


In addition to low stress cattle handling and never using unnecessary antibiotics, we work hard to take great care of the land as well. We use high density grazing (frequently moving cattle to new pastures) to protect and build our soil and make the most of our rainfall. We take care of the land so that it will take care of us for decades to come. 


We want our customers to know exactly where their food comes from and feel comfortable knowing how it was raised. If you're interested in buying a half or whole carcass and would like to see how we raise our animals, give us a call. 

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